Vaughan Felton

Vaughan FeltonVaughan specialises in the development of high achievement cultures, creating transformational leadership, and lifting sales performance in a broad range of industries from media to finance, automotive to power.

Vaughan is a dynamic and inspirational facilitator and presenter as well as an outstanding performance coach.  He has the unique ability to take the mystique out of the change and performance improvement process and get it bedded-down and working through a combination of pragmatic, customised implementation strategies and outstanding working relationships with his clients. He has a passion for team coaching and enjoys a fabulous reputation for creating the catalyst, the coaching and the climate in which achievement is ignited. He holds a Masters Degree in Business Coaching from the University of Wollongong.

Born and raised in Johannesburg, Vaughan began his career as a pilot in the South African Air Force.  In 1984 he was first exposed to the challenges of developing high performance individuals as a flying instructor training elite candidates to operational status. In 1987 he resigned his commission to take up the position of General Manager of The Pacific Institute, a USA based company considered a world leader in the field of teaching people, individually and in groups, how to succeed.  He spearheaded implementations in a wide variety of major organisations in the mining, energy, banking, insurance, and telecommunications sectors.

In 1993, he took up a position as Project Director with The Pacific Institute’s head office in Seattle, Washington, where he focused his energy in the finance, automotive, and nuclear power markets, with great success. In late 1994, the Felton family gained their long-awaited permanent residency status and emigrated to Australia and  established the Vaughan Felton & Associates organisational transformation consultancy.

Whilst Vaughan continues to work abroad in Europe and Asia, he has focused his energy in the Australian market primarily. In over 25 years of conducting business in Australia he has developed a strong, diverse client base of over 125 clients.

Vaughan and Fiona have been married for 35 years, have daughter Danielle (married to Ben) and a son Gareth (married to Rhea) and three wonderful grandchildren - Jesse, Theo and Neve.