Planning Workshops

More and more organisations are looking for skilled facilitators that can assist them get through their planning sessions in a specific time-frame. The ability to manage the group process towards the achievement of a specific outcome in the time given is a highly skilled interaction.

Vaughan Felton has 20 years of experience in the facilitation of planning sessions; he does not need to know the content of the discussion, just the desired outcomes and timeframes and he will assist you structure a process to get you there.

Unique to his processes is the use of Audience Response Technology which enables the rapid reaching of consensus on issues and opportunities and fast-tracks the prioritisation process. All this is done anonymously using wireless keypads which calculate the results on screen instantaneously.

Vaughan prides himself in his ability to provide, as he put it, facili-tainment - the combination of being able to generate high quality results in an enjoyable and entertaining environment.

From a client:

"Vaughan is a unique personality to say the least, larger than life physically and metaphorically , he has the incredible ability to help large and small groups through mounds of complex issues efficiently without bogging down. He punctuates the total interaction with anecdotes drawn from his experience (often very humorous) which seem to provide the insight necessary to make decisions and move on. Most importantly, he makes you confront the issues you are there to deal with and engages each participant in a way that ensures there are no passengers. Most of all, people actually enjoy themselves whilst generating quality outputs—that requires the blend of skill, experience and personality that he has in heaps."