Conference Facilitation

25 years of experience in dealing with human behaviour, an organised mind, and a good sense of humour make Vaughan Felton an ideal conference facilitator.

He helps identify the conference objectives and then assists in the design, content, timing and flow of the event.

During the event, he is the master at getting through the agenda on time whilst hitting the desired outcomes and keeping all participants energized and engaged. He is highly skilled in managing difficult or emotional subjects and at all times ensures that the discussion remains on track and is not hijacked.

He takes every opportunity to inject his experience into the process through personal anecdote or by introducing an appropriate behavioural concept that illustrates a point. He uses a blend of being directive at times, cutting to the core of issues, asking the tough questions and then lightening the moment with razor wit where needed.

He has a keen understanding of when to control, when to facilitate, and when to blend into the background.