Vision Building

Vision Building is the art of getting a group of key influencers that represent the major components of the business bought into and accountable to a high quality plan that bridges where we are today with where we want to be in the future.

The process begins with a long hard look at current reality; how the business is travelling right now, where we are relative to our goals, environmental and internal factors which have influence on us, what is on the horizon in the future.

Once reality has been established we now focus into the future. This participative process begins by the agreeing of the vision for the organisation; a compelling picture of the ideal end result we seek. Once established we determine the  mission; a bold goal that focuses effort for the next 1-2 years. This is followed by consensus on the values which will echo the philosophy of how we want to do business, our credo, a shaping force for our decisions and actions.

Having now created a gap between vision and reality we conduct a scan of internal and external challenges and problems that block vision attainment; each is considered in turn and rank based on impact using Audience Response Technology enabling anonymous input to generate an instant result.

We now begin to focus on bridging the gap between current reality and the vision by identifying the 5-6 key result areas that hold the key to our success going forward. Under each KRA we agree a set of goals with measures and targets; these goals are determined by drawing from the existing corporate plan, by establishing new goals to cover a gap identified or to remedy an issue or an obstacle uncovered earlier.

As the game plan takes shape, goal sponsors are agreed as are their responsibilities as a steward for their assigned goal going forward, this includes; establishing a goal team and with them developing the strategies and action plans with accountabilities to deliver the goal.

At the end of a highly participative and engaging process the group leaves with a well thought out game-plan for the future, one which enjoys a high level of buy-in and which focuses effort and leadership towards a clearly identified future.