Leadership Development

Leadership style is researched to be one of the prime influencers of the culture of the organisation. As a result, the personal behaviours, leadership strategies, and coaching abilities of every manager become target areas in all VF culture change implementations. At the core of each implementation are three key programmes:

The Lifestyle Inventory (LSI) is a feedback mechanism that creates self-awareness by enabling managers to compare their perception of their behaviours against the perception of others and benchmark it against what is considered effective, personally and professionally.

Leadership Impact (LI), like LSI, a Human Synergistics product, provides feedback on the effectiveness of the leadership strategies a manager uses, how these strategies encourage people to behave, and the resultant impact on the culture of the organisation.

Futurecoach, a VFA product, teaches the skills and processes of highly effective coaches. It provides feedback on the impact of a managers coaching behaviours and activities whilst benchmarking them against the coaching effectiveness scores of the top 10% of coaches on record.

Each one of these programmes has a strong action planning component that facilitates the setting of a change agenda for each manager.