Culture Profiling

In order for us to bring about culture change we need to understand the existing culture and what is causing it, define the preferred culture that we want, and then implement strategies to bridge the gap.

To accomplish this Vaughan uses a culture measurement tool called the Organisational Culture Inventory (OCI) developed by Human Synergistics, a world leader in the profiling and measurement of culture.

With 10 years of experience using the OCI, he sets up the mechanisms to accomplish the data capture, oversees the administering and reporting of the survey, prepares the data for feedback to the senior executive group, and conducts the feedback and action planning sessions.

Following the feedback session he works with clients to develop high impact strategies that are known to bring about change in the areas of their culture that they have targeted.

Vaughan has the firm belief that if you cannot measure culture you will never change it. As a result, the OCI forms the cornerstone of all major change strategies he implements.